Evaluating Jewelry

Jewelry Evaluation Newport NewsLooking for a trusted jeweler to sell diamond jewelry or a diamond engagement ring quickly? Look no further. We can help!

If you have a collection of fine jewelry and are looking to sell diamond jewelry or a diamond ring that you no longer wear or is damaged, this is an excellent time to consider selling.

We are experts in diamond engagement ring valuations. Besides answering any questions you may have, we also offer you free advice when you are looking to sell an engagement ring or designer brand name jewelry.

Selling engagement rings can sometimes be an emotionally draining and daunting task, especially after a divorce or breakup. Best Loan and Jewelry provides professional, fair jewelry evaluations. You will be able to realize much more money from your valuables using a reputable and well established jeweler.

A lot of times, we have found that our customers want to upgrade the diamond ring. Selling an old (or even broken) engagement ring is an excellent way to recoup some of the money as diamond jewelry has strong resale value.